Portable Business Storage: Top 4 Reasons why your business needs them

There is so much planning involved in running a business, it takes a lot of time and resources. Storage is one crucial area no matter what type of business you are running.

There is so much planning involved in running a business, it takes a lot of time and resources. Storage is one crucial area no matter what type of business you are running. Documents, stock, supplies, tools – all of these essential items take up space. Items such as stock and documents must be kept safely and in a conducive environment. To keep your business well organized, you must create enough space, and that’s where portable business storage comes into play.

Mobile storage units such as GoBox portable storage help organizations and companies keep their items neat and organized. Portable storage containers are quite convenient as you can have them next to your business premises where you can monitor and access your belongings at any time.

Instead of moving to a different property, portable storage helps you maintain your day-to-day operations no matter how much storage you need. There’s no need to worry about how efficient the containers are as they are pest-proof and weather proof. Our containers are securely equipped.

If you are unable to have the container stay at your location, you can have us pick it up and store it at our storage centre. GoBox portable storage can deliver the container to your premises and later on pick it up and store it safely.

The following are four benefits of portable storage containers to businesses:

1. Seasonal Portable Business Storage

Businesses experience seasonal stock, which is limited for a certain period. An example is decorations for the Christmas season, which are only needed in December. The same happens for restaurants, pubs, and retailers who experience seasonal change.

 If you run a business that experiences seasonal change, then a portable storage container is the best solution. You can have GoBox portable storage deliver a container to your location, then load all your items and store them at the nearest center. We can always bring it back in the container when the seasons begin.

Contact GoBox for portable storage and have us deliver the perfect container for all your items. You can load the container and leave it at your premises or have used store it for you.

2. Tire Business Portable Storage

Tire shops are amongst the business whose market is readily available; hence you need to have the stock available at all times. Customers can always drop by your shop at any time. GoBox portable storage can help you get enough storage for your tires.

Like most businesses, there are those seasons that aren’t so busy, and in such seasons, you need a safe storage room for tires. GoBox portable storage can consistently deliver a container next to your shop to have your stock. Alternatively, GoBox portable storage can store your container at our location.

Portable storage units can earn allow you to earn extra revenue by offering storage services. You may opt to store tires for your customers. Storing tires helps clients have a safe place to keep their winter or summer tires.

GoBox portable storage can deliver a suitable container so you can start earning revenue from tire storage.

Portable Storage gobox portable storage

3. Portable Business Storage During Renovation of hotels and restaurants

Mobile storage gives space for renovation and expansion of your business premises so operations can continue flawlessly.

Business premises such as restaurants and hotels need to remain clean and organized even during renovations.

Hotels need to keep updating their designs, structures, and rooms; hence, they will have renovations taking place from time to time. The best financial decision for hotels is renting portable storage units, which keep all their items safe and in a good state. GoBox portable storage offers affordable containers with enough space to store all items.

Mobile storage is great for storing computers, stock, office supplies, dishware, legal documents, tools, materials, and patio furniture.

In most cases, restaurants close down while renovations occur, which doesn’t have to be the case. Instead of closing down, you can rent portable storage containers to store your supplies and equipment.

GoBox portable storage can provide weather-safe and pest-free containers next to your restaurant. A container close by helps maintain customers coming in instead of closing. The security of our containers is enhanced by using a lockbox on the padlock.

4. Seasonal Equipment Storage

All businesses have seasonal equipment which doesn’t need to be kept ready year round. Pieces of equipment such as Bobcats, shovels, and blowers are primarily used during winter. On the other hand, brooms and lawnmowers are used in summer. Such equipment is helpful to us in different seasons, and we cannot throw them away. GoBox portable storage can provide a container to help you secure such items while out of season.

GoBox portable storage has provided containers for schools, churches, and organizations. Items such as cabinets, chairs, tables, and desks can be kept away in containers to avoid damage. Some organizations and schools have opted to have a permanent portable container since they need the storage all year round.

Mobile storage units are the best place to store items you need to use occasionally. Apart from keeping our items safe, storage containers can be placed next to your business so you can access your items at any time.


GoBox portable storage provides the best solution for all your storage needs, no matter what time of business you run. Our storage team can help you figure out what you need and how much it will cost you. As a business, every dollar matters. Don’t spend an extra cent getting a bigger warehouse – get in touch with GoBox Portable Storage to help with all your portable business storage needs.

What Our Customers Say

James RobesonJames Robeson
20:45 08 Aug 23
Very well kept, clean and safe.
Sarah PaquetSarah Paquet
20:07 08 Aug 23
Fantastic company! Rob has been so awesome to work with from both my perspective and our insureds. He is very efficient, and his level of professionalism, care, and communication has been unrivaled! Looking forward to many years of business with you! Thanks for being so great!
Colin SlimmonColin Slimmon
00:26 28 Jul 23
They don't stand behind their insurance. Wouldn't recommend to anyone
Andrew BurnsAndrew Burns
22:22 11 Jul 23
Fantastic and extremely fast service! Can’t speak more highly of the service I received today from Rob at GoBox. Thanks again!
Adnan BakshAdnan Baksh
15:48 16 Feb 23
Efficient, reliable and affordable. I had a great experience dealing with GoBox and would highly recommend!
Emily BEmily B
13:16 12 Jan 23
We rented a storage container from Rob while building a house. With appliances being in such high demand we wanted to get them ahead of time but had no place to keep them. The storage box was perfect for all the house appliances and fixtures and was handy to have on site. Very affordable and was a life saver during the build.
David ZikakisDavid Zikakis
19:05 16 Sep 22
Quick and courteous service. We needed some extra storage fast and they delivered clean, secure, and well-functioning containers. The mini lift they used for placement allowed us to get creative and fit 2 containers where others would have only been able to place one.
Patti WijsmanPatti Wijsman
21:57 03 Aug 22
So happy with the delivery of the container today! I was totally prepared to "make do" with locating it at a space that I thought was most accessible for him but he was able to place the container in a preferred spot thanks to the system he uses to move the container off the truck. I had never seen anything like this - using remote control to operate the machine that moves the container - no worrying about the truck being able to fit into a tight space! I totally recommend this service if you are looking for affordable, clean, convenient extra storage on site.
colleen mearscolleen mears
15:35 06 Jul 22
I recently had a very positive experience with GoBox Portable Storage Inc. Gananoque Ontario! It was a pleasure dealing with Rob! From the first inquiry to the delivery date was very quick and efficient service! Rob also delivered my POD in a timely manner! In fact the scheduled delivery was arranged for between 10 and 11 a.m. and to my surprise Rob was there at my property at 5 minutes to 10! The POD was clean and secure for my Household Items and Furniture! The Rates at GoBox are quite reasonable! Rob is very professional and pleasant to deal with! He knows his product well and is extremely helpful! It was a pleasure dealing with Rob and GO Box Portables Inc. Thank you Rob! EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!
Jaime FoxJaime Fox
01:38 15 Jun 22
Our GoBox was delivered within a week of the request. The price is comparable to a storage unit of similar size, but you have the convenience of having is where you want it. We rented it when we did a major renovation and it was perfect. The owner was curtains and friendly as well. Highly recommend!
Steve FarrellSteve Farrell
12:18 20 May 22
We rented a go box while doing a home renovation, it was great putting our appliances and furniture right outside our front door. We could bring pieces in as the reno moved along. Price is very comparable to a storage facility but didn’t have to hire truck or movers to get from storage facility. It only took Rob 20 minutes to unload storage container right onto my front yard ( my choice) , ten feet from my front door. Very neat , manoeuvrable unit that loads/unloads the container, makes so Rob can put it almost anywhere. Highly recommend!
JohnKim MatthewsJohnKim Matthews
18:40 24 Apr 22
Go box is an amazing company to work with. They delivered a unit quickly when we needed it and put it in place within a day of contacting Rob. The invoicing and payment process is easy and efficient. Pleasant and courteous, a real pleasure. My husband and I would highly recommend GoBox !
lori chenierlori chenier
00:44 24 Feb 22
This was one of the best parts of our recent renovation. Rob was amazing to work with and soaccommodating . Having the storage container land in on our driveway and the ability to move the contents of our home at our leisure was priceless. I can’t say enough good things about this experience. I will recommend this option for all my clients and friends going forward.
Lindsay LandryLindsay Landry
21:47 14 Feb 22
Great experience and extremely convenient! We used a sea can for our new build to store some of our stuff while we stayed in an air B & B. Pick up and drop off was great and very straightforward. In my opinion, the price was great too!
Jessica PalmerJessica Palmer
02:32 31 Dec 21
We stored 2 units on our property to store all of our belongings while our house was being built. The cans were clean, sealed tight, and came in excellent condition. Rob was great at accommodating our timelines, delivery and pick up was seamless, and he was very easy to communicate with. We would definitely recommend GoBox to anyone in need of easy storage solutions!
Candice BrownCandice Brown
14:01 07 Dec 21
Great place with amazing rates. Always answers back quickly if you have any questions. Clean and secure. Definetly will go back.
Eric KociukEric Kociuk
23:12 03 Dec 21
Go Box was a very convenient and affordable option. Delivery and pickup were right on schedule which made moving as stress free as possible. Rob was excellent to deal with. I highly recommended using go box for your next move.
Mason LaframboiseMason Laframboise
18:38 22 Nov 21
Rob and company have been fantastic to work with. Always on time. Can place the storage container basically anywhere you want it. We have been very happy with their service.
Jeff PrickettJeff Prickett
20:25 15 Sep 21
Rob is amazing...the facility is amazing!! Great rates, great customer service and an extremely convenient location. I wish I could give more than 5 Stars!
R CrockettR Crockett
13:11 31 Jul 21
We recently moved from a large house to a much smaller house and needed a storage solution to allow us to sort things out without storing offsite. GoBox fit the bill perfectly. They gently lowered the container onto wooden blocks on the driveway with their amazing container mover. It didn't leave a single mark on the driveway. A very cost effective storage solution. I highly recommend them.

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